High Res Timelapse

My apologies if this is in the wrong category.

I’m interested in using the satellite timelapse feature in a short documentary to highlight urbanization and seasonal changes. The timelapse I managed to produce was very cool but I really want higher res.

  1. Is there anyway to get higher res timelapses?

  2. Can this footage be licensed to use for things like documentaries?



Hi Gunther,
for higher res you would need to check either PlanetScope (3 meters, compared to 10-meters Sentinel-2), SPOT (1.5m ) or Pleiades (0.5m). However, with higher resolution there is much less data available, typically only few times a year. I somehow doubt you would find enough data for a proper time-lapse. PlanetScope is an exception as it has almost daily data, but it is available just for a couple of years.
Also, commercial data (mentioned above) comes with data license cost, which might be expensive. Media licenses need to be arranged directly with the satellite providers.