high-resolution images

When purchasing a package, what frequency of shapshot updates can I count on?
For example, if I purchase a Maxar WorldView (€165.00) package, how fresh high-resolution images will I get?

Hi John,

After purchasing a Maxar WorldView package, you will get quota that can be used to order Maxar data in your Sentinel Hub account. You can then order the latest imagery from their archive.

Note that the data is in general not acquired systematically (see the doc), so the data is available only if it was tasked before.

Chung, thanks! Does this apply to all providers of high-resolution images, is there some kind of data refresh rate table? Maybe Airbus Pleiades will be better? I need fresh information for my analytics.

Yes, you can find the information in the documentation under the Data Section.

Below is a list of commercial data available through Sentinel Hub:

In the Basic facts section you’ll find a description of revisit time for each data source. Currently, PlanetScope is the only data source which acquires data systematically.

Ok, and last question. Where can I see the informative coverage for these commercial third-party data?
What places on the planet does it cover?

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