How to access ESA WorldCover

Is this dataset included with basic membership, or does one have to upgrade to “Exploration” account?

Does anyone know how to access this data via OGC or otherwise?

Thank you!

Hi April,

The ESA WorldCover collection can be queried using our APIs (OGC or others) from the Exploration tier and above (see our pricing page, note that “Basic” is also a subscription level above “Exploration”). The limitation is not tied to the data collection, but to API access.

You can browse the dataset using EO Browser with any type of account however: here is a link.

For access with our Process API, you need to set the data type using the ID in our public collections page: ESA WorldCover - Sentinel Hub Public Collections , and set the date to 2020. Below is an example of a CURL request:

curl -X POST  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'Authorization: Bearer '<my-token>'  -d '{  "input": {    "bounds": {      "bbox": [        12.44693,        41.870072,        12.541001,        41.917096      ]    },    "data": [      {        "dataFilter": {          "timeRange": {            "from": "2020-01-01T00:00:00Z",            "to": "2020-01-01T23:59:59Z"          }        },        "type": "byoc-0b940c63-45dd-4e6b-8019-c3660b81b884"      }    ]  },  "output": {    "width": 779.8034286939699,    "height": 523.4687735062655,    "responses": [      {        "identifier": "default",        "format": {          "type": "image/jpeg"        }      }    ]  },  "evalscript": "//VERSION=3\n\n// This custom script visualises WorldCover map \n\nfunction setup() {\n  return {\n    input: [\"Map\", \"dataMask\"],\n    output: { \n      bands: 4, \n      sampleType: \"AUTO\"\n    }\n  }\n}\n\nconst map = [\n    [10, 0x006400], // Tree cover\n    [20, 0xffbb22], // Shrubland\n    [30, 0xffff4c], // Grassland\n    [40, 0xf096ff], // Cropland\n    [50, 0xfa0000], // Built up\n    [60, 0xb4b4b4], // Bare / sparse vegetation\n    [70, 0xf0f0f0], //\tSnow and Ice\n    [80, 0x0064c8], //\tPermanent water bodies\n    [90, 0x0096a0], //\tHerbaceous wetland\n    [95, 0x00cf75], //\tMangroves\n    [100, 0xfae6a0], //\tMoss and lichen\n    \n  ];\n\nconst visualizer = new ColorMapVisualizer(map);\n\nfunction evaluatePixel(sample) {\n  return [visualizer.process(sample.Map)[0], visualizer.process(sample.Map)[1], visualizer.process(sample.Map)[2], sample.dataMask];\n}\n"}'

For OGC requests, you would need to add a configuration to your dashboard (see documentation).

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