How to analyse and acquire sea state information using Satellite images in Python?

There are some questions related to this on the Internet, but I still cannot comprehend clearly the way to do this, being completely new to this stuff. Recently, I came across Sentinel Hub which facilitates using Python to extract Satellite images within a given time period. I believe it can get me to the point of extracting useful information from images.

However, what I am looking for is, that I would like to acquire satellite images for a given time period (say September 2017-September 2018) of a particular location (eg. Leven, Fife Coast), and get information such as sea state/weather/wave height/ice buildup etc. for the same time period as a time series. What is the best way to do this in Python, and is there any example notebook/library which can help accomplish this. Thank you!

Hi j.chatterjee-2018,

based on the information you provided I think Sentinel Hub could be helpful for what you are trying to achieve. But keep in mind that Sentinel Hub currently provides mostly satellite imagery. If you’d like to use it to access other data (you were mentioning sea state/weather/wave height/ice buildup) you will provide the data and use “Bring your own data” funcionality of Sentinel Hub.

I would suggest you first check out our sentinelhub-py package: The package is open source but you will need Sentinel Hub account to request the data (create trial account here).
Using this package you should be able to access satellite images as you described (give an area of interest and time range). This is the example demonstrating that kind of requests:

This is maybe a bit general but I hope it helps for now. If you come across any issues, please let us know and we will try to provide concrete guidelines/answers.

Best, Anja