How to center visualization parameters around statistical values


I have would like to create a dynamic visualization (on a evalscript on the Configuration Utility).

The intention was for the visualization to be based on statistical values of the index, instead of using fixed values - meaning, the colors of the area of interest would be based on its own minimum, maximum or average, for example. So if I took an image for an area on January and then another on November, their coloring would be different.

Should I look into data fusion to acquire the values of min and max in the same evalscript in order to use those values to classify the layer? Is there another approach to make this possible?

Hi Ana,

Unfortunately dynamic visualisations are not supported by evalscripts at this current time. You can set the min and max values of your stretch as constant values in your evalscript like this example, however, this is still a value you need to input manually.