How to cloud mask landsat-8 scene using sentinel-hub

I was trying to cloud mask the landsat-8 scene using sentinel-hub. But since there is no BQA band available in the data. So, how can one cloud mask the landsat-8 scene?

There actually is such a band…

@gmilcinski I couldn’t find in the dashboard when i tried creating new layer on the sentinel-hub dashboard. Attached are the screenshots

Try using Custom script editor directly. e.g. write in there:
return [decodeLs8Qa(BQA).cloud];

Thanks. It is working. To verify whether it is returning correct results i printed distinct values returned from decodeLs8Qa(BQA).cloud. So, i am getting 0 in all the cases. what does 0 signify here. Similarly in case of decodeLs8Qa(BQA).cloudConfidence, decodeLs8Qa(BQA).cloudShadowConfidence, decodeLs8Qa(BQA).cirrusConfidence] return all the values to be 1 . Does these values mean cloud doesn’t exist or cannot determine the pixel? Just FYI In the L8L1CWCSInput i have mentioned maxcc to be 0.05.

Please post URL of your request, hiding the last two blocks of instance ID, so that we check, what is wrong.