How to detect roads

dear Miss Sabina. i am a new member on Sentinel hub Community. How can i utilise My Sentinel Hub Dashboard? For example How can i see a new road under construction?
Thanks for your courtesy.

This site is free or i have i to pay something?

Hi Mario, welcome to Sentinel Hub. I would suggest starting out by exploring the EO Browser application. There is some material here that will help you see what features this free application has.

Then, once familiar with this, if you have some more questions then please let us know :slight_smile: also, if you’re looking to perform some more advanced analytics then you can look into the APIs that Sentinel Hub offers (this is a paid for service but you currently have access to these APIs with a free trial).

We also have plenty of great introduction videos on our YouTube channel and an in depth Medium blog channel too.

How can i see the new streets? And then the other confomations (mountains, rivers and so
on )?

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