How to download S2 tiffs

bonjour , j’arrive pas à télécharger des images sentinel 2 en format tif .y-t-il quelqu’un qui peux m’aider?

Hi Sawsan,

Are you trying to download Sentinel-2 tiffs from EO Browser? In that case, to get a tiff, you can go to the download button on the right, then select Analytical and choose TIFF as image format.

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j’ai pu téléchargé sentinel 2 déja ,mais j’arrive pas à superposer une couche raster et vecteur qui sont déja sur la meme projection pour délimiter la zone d’étude

Hi again,

It’s hard to understand what you are trying to do. Are you trying to cut your Sentinel-2 raster with a vector file in GIS software (such as QGIS)? In that case, I would suggest looking at the following resource.

Or are you trying to retrieve your AOI directly using the Requests Builder?

Since I have a question with a very similar topic, I will reply in this thread. When I attempt to download TIFFs from the EO Browser, I am receiving an error message “Error: You can only download visualization with effects in JPEG or PNG formats”

Is this an indication that I need to purchase a subscription? If so, which one should I sign up for?


there’s no need for a subscription.

This is indicating a current limitation of the sentinelhub-js library, which is used in EO Browser to apply the effects on the images.
At this moment, effects can be applied only to JPEG and PNG images, but not to images of TIFF, GIF or other formats yet.
We plan to support effects for TIFF images in the future, but no fixed date when yet.

To avoid this error, reset the effects before downloading the TIFF images.

Gain and gamma can also be set in the evalscript (the workaround is described here), but other effects unfortunately can’t.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thank you much for the help! That was an easy fix.


I have the same issue as DLamb, but in my case, even after resetting the effects I still can’t download the tiff image. Is there something else that is triggering this error?

Thank you

Hello @sergi.hernandez

Please confirm that you have Reset all before downloading tiff

otherwise, please share the EO browser link of the image you are trying to download. thanks