How to download Sentinel-2 L1C data by sentinelhub-py after AWS goes to pay?


Sentinelhub-py cannot download Sentinel-2 data (.SAFE format) by Product ID after the Requester Pays. How should we change codes to access sentinel data?

Some codes:

product_request = AwsProductRequest(





please check this post for instructions: Changes of the access rights to L1C bucket at AWS Public Datasets (Requester Pays)


I have changed it, and the program send this message:

The requested data is in Requester Pays AWS bucket. In order to download the data please set your access key in command line:\n$ sentinelhub.config --aws_access_key_id <your AWS key> --aws_secret_access_key <your AWS secret key>

If I use my AWS account, are there any additional fees?

There are standard fees according to Amazon S3 Pricing:

Basically you pay for amount of data downloaded and for each GET request. The number of GET requests will be about the same as the number of downloaded files.

There package won’t make any additional fees that you wouldn’t have if downloading without it.

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I am adding a link to to an issue about this on GitHub with some further details:


I have signed up Amazon Web Service, but the S3 service seems didn’t accessed.

And another question is how to definate the DATA TRANSFER OUT. Is it means download imagery from Amazon S3 (Frankfurt) to local PC, or transform to another Amazon S3 ?


Hi, looks like your AWS signup is processing, and if it doesn’t complete in the stated time, contacting support there will be your best course of action.

For the egress pricing, there is a separate charge for transfer in between regions and out to your local PC. You can see the pricing here under the Data Transfer section, make sure to chose the Frankfurt region.

Update about sentinelhub-py - a new version 2.4.1 has now been released with resolved issues about changes of access to L1C data at AWS.

Documentation has also been updated.