How to get images from Process API, for a given feature Id and a geometry inside the tile of that feature?

I want to use Process API and somehow get data(assets/images) for a given feature Id (Item Id) and a given geometry which lies inside the bbox of the given feature Id.

Is it somehow possible to achieve this?


Welcome to Sentinel Hub!

Yes, you could get data for a given feature ID and a geometry inside the tile as well.

The Processing API is not designed to get the original product as a tile; instead, it is designed to allow users to access/obtain data for their areas of interest by specifying a time range and other advanced parameters if needed. Please have a look at the Processing API webinar and the example notebook, which should give you a general understanding about the service.

To access/download the original product as a tile, please refer to the Accessing satellite data from AWS section which demonstrates how to access/download data from AWS. Note that these functions are no longer actively maintained and you may need to adjust it by yourself.

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