How to track "sea snot"

Hi everyone. I’m new here. I trying to understand and use the Sentinel-Hub custom scripts. I would like to track “sea snot” from space but I did not find what scripts I have to use. Does anyone have a recommendation? Thanks in advance.

Hi @syr

As you probably noticed when browsing the Custom Scripts Repository, there are no dedicated algorithms for “sea snot”. You could start by looking at some of the existing scripts to see if they can help in identifying “sea snot”. I would recommend looking at:

There are most probably existing studies on how to detect “sea snot” using satellite imagery in the scientific litterature. If you find a good method and implement it as an Evalscript, please consider submitting it to the Custom Scripts Github, which is open, to benefit the community.

Thank you for your detailed answer! I’ll look into the sources you mentioned. Yours sincerely :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve just seen this on Twitter:

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