How to view satellite images with higher resolution


I’m newbie here and i need a lot of help.

I’m trying to find high resolution image of farms.
I was able to view the farm at this resolution:

But i need much high resolution, is that possible?


Hi Samira :slight_smile: welcome to Sentinel Hub!

We do offer higher resolution imagery than Sentinel-2 but this moves into the comercial field of satellite imagery and will cost to purchase the images. Currently, we offer access to imagery from Planet, Airbus (SPOT & Pleaides) & Maxar. The resolution of these sensors can be as good as 0.5m resolution.

You can find out more here in our documentation and also explore the availability of high resolution imagery over your AOI using the Commercial Data tab in EO Browser.

Let us know if you need any more help!

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Dear @samira,
in addition to what William wrote above, an important additional note. Airbus data (as well as all other high resolution imagery) is not available in a systematic manner, i.e. it needs to be tasked. If you need ongoing monitoring of your farm, high resolution imagery will probably be too expensive.
You can get access to archive imagery via our platform, if you find relevant data in your region and time period.
As an alternative, the best systematically available data source is PlanetScope with 3.7-4.1 m resolution.


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Thank you William and Grega for the prompt response.

Is archive high resolution imagery is available for free? how do i get it?

As I said earlier, high resolution imagery is generally not available for free, as the satellite imagery operators are commercial businesses selling the imagery. However, if you are using the data for research purposes there are ways to access it for free.