How totest/ buy Airbus SPOT and Pleiades images

“BUY” option disabled for both Airbus SPOT and Pleiades when login to my account. How can I enabled it?
Is there any way to test first and download few high resolution commercial images from Airbus SPOT before buy it?

Hi @vdimitrova ,

In order to purchase and use Commercial Data, an Active Sentinel Hub subscription is required.

We have an example request you could copy and paste to the Request Preview window of Requests Builder and make the request. You could also visit the providers’ website for some example images.

Unfortunately it is not possible to download high resolution commercial images of your own AOI before buying it. Please also take a look at this thread which has the answer of some related questions you may interested in.

Thank you for your response it is very helpful.
One more question:
Lets say we were to cancel the subscription in an year or two, would we still have access to the purchased high resolutions images in the Dashboard or would they disappear with the cancellation?

High resolution data are only accessible with Sentinel Hub subscription.
If you cancel the subscription and reactivate it within 12 months, the data will still be accessible.


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