I have a question about Sentinel-3 ( LST )

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I have a question, please

I use sentinel 3 , I know how to extract the Land surface temperature from the sentinal-3 through the Snap program then click on the LST band after that the Land surface temperature appears, but my question is how can I extract the Land surface temperature from sentinel-3 using s9 only “see the table”? i do’t want to ues all the wavelengths from s7 to s9 , I want to use the wavelength of S9 to extract the land surface temperature separately from the other .
Is there any equation for that?

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You can access Sentinel-3 SLSTR through the Sentinel Hub APIs, there’s lots of info about the bands you can use here and some examples too. You can just use S9 if you so wish or any combination.

There are also several visualisations using Sentinel-3 SLSTR in our EO Browser application that may help you with what you are looking for.

I’m not sure what equation you are looking for but from a quick google, the Sentinel-3 SLSTR Land Surface Temperature is calculated as a Level 2 product, and we only offer the Level 1B product in our services.

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You gave me very important information