If you choose the appropriate Planet package?

If I want to use Planet data for regular monitoring of 3000 hectares in Thailand, which packages do I need to order? When I choose Planet Monitoring & Processing, I am informed that I cannot order packages outside of region B.

Dear ZhangHongYan,

might it be that you are located in China? If so, we would kindly ask you contact our Sales:


I am in China, and choose the Region B-5000 ha packages, but the web informed me that I cannot order packages outside of region B.

As mentioned, we recommend for customers from China to contact our Sales department.

Which sales company can I contact in China? I sent an email, but I haven’t been contacted yet. I need to quickly discuss and resolve issues. Can they contact me as soon as possible.

Sorry to hear that. Perhaps you would want to try with some of Planet’s partners as well:

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