Image download in EO Browser


I have a question regarding image downloads in EO Browser.

I specified the cropping area in JASON format under “Create an area of interest” and drew a line within that area using a KML file under “Draw a line.”

However, when I try to download the image, it only reflects the cropping area and does not include the KML drawing.

If there is a method to download an image that includes both of these operations, I would appreciate it if you could provide guidance.

Thank you in advance.



Thanks for the question, there currently isn’t an option to display the KML line drawing when you download the image in EO Browser. You would need to add this later in a GIS application. Currently, you can display the AOI or clip your image to your AOI using the download function in EO Browser, in the below example the image is not clipped to the AOI, however, the AOI is displayed:

Thank you for checking.
I’ll wait for the feature to be added in an update.

Thank you for your answer.

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