Image Download Link error

Hey all,

I am trying to download severall Sentinel 2 Images from EO Browser. For two of these Images the Download Link does not work. It just opens a new tab on my browser with a white screen…
This is one of the images:

Screenshot Sentinel 2_2021_12_22

Links for Image:‘f98104f1-9a84-4cd8-a3b8-ed5b4cac674f’)/$value

With all other images it works perfectly fine.
Is this an error from Copernicus? Should I write the copernicus support? (

To my surprise I didn’t find this problem being mentioned in this Forum. If there exists already a disscusion about it, please send me the reference.

Thank you

It might be that the product was removed for some reason from the Copernicus archive. Sometimes this happens due to quality issues.
Or it is indeed an error on SciHub’s side. If you write to them, you will get an answer.

Thank you for replying. I contacted the Copernicus Service and they told me this (download bug) is a known issue and they are currently investigating it. They recommend to check other Sentinel 2 Data providers like ONDA, MUNDI, WEkEO, CREODIAS etc.