Image_format = MimeType_d32f

‘‘image_format = MimeType_d32f’’ works properly in the system that has been developed 2-3 years ago but it doesn’t download the data now when ‘WcsRequest’ is used and even I tried changing the version of sentinelhub to the previous version(3.4.4) on which the system used to download the data using ‘MimeType_d32f’ image format.
Please help me with this issue.

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Your issue will be due updates that have been made to the evalscripts in Sentinel Hub since you developed your system 3 years ago.

The systems no longer support the MimeType.TIFF_d32f and you should be using MimeType.TIFF in your request. There is some more info in this previous post in the forum.

You can now define the SampleType of your output image in the setup function of your evalscript. You can see how this is done in the documentation here.

Thanks for your input. The same code with MimeType.TIFF_d32f is already running on one server and if I don’t want to make any change in the code and replicate that to my new server, is it possible?
Also I am using python programming for this thing.
I can later on make changes in the code according to the updates that have been made to this.


3.4.4 of sentinelhub-py wouldn’t work with MimeType.TIFF_d32f as this constant was removed at this point. You may want to try 3.1.0 of sentinelhub-py as this was the last version that used this constant. However, there will likely be bugs in the older version of the library, and it might not fully compatible with the latest APIs.

I would advise upgrading your scripts so that they are fully compatible with the latest upgrades to sentinelhub-py, so that you are not reliant on deprecated and unsupported functionalities.

Happy to assist further if you have any other questions.

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