Image processing: Sentinelhub vs Google Earch Engine

For a Web map application project , my team have 2 work flow like this

  • forest change detection every 2 week: using Sentinel 2 on Google Earth Engine >> save result to Google drive then pull it to database
  • Display image before and after the change: use Sentinelhub WMS service.

I’m considering to move the entire workflow to Sentinehub. The Sentinelhub is not free as GEE, but let’s put the cost aside, what is the advangtages of using Evalscript compare to GEE. Are there any features that GEE offers which Evalscript does not support?

Context: let’s assume that I will only work with S2

Hi @hoangvietanh ,

Evalscript is quite powerful and it allows you to perform basically any processing steps you could imagine as long as it is pixel-based. In our custom script repository there are a bunch of example scripts that perform different analysis which you may be interest in, e.g., the forest cut temporal detection script.

Other than features and functionalities, I would like to mention the customer support as well. We are actively supporting our users via emails and forum and you could expect for a reply in several days, sometimes in a couple of hours.

As I’m lacking of experience in using GEE, I can’t comment on it. However, if you could share your workflow with more details, i.e., the processing steps, we can help you estimate how your workflow can be done using Sentinel Hub services.

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