Imagery for Sentinel 2 stopped loading. Other Imagery OK

Over last few days have been heavily using Sentinel 2-L1C imagery & making use of Timelapse tool.
I sometimes got odd error message " Error fetching cload coverage". on re logging in this issue got fixed.
Today a new problem occurred. After a few hours work this morning AOK, then took break but failed to log off. On resuming same work, I found that Sentinel 2 Images failed to load. I checked Landsat. These load OK. In case my main computer had acquired a glitch, I tried same on another computer. Found same situation. Sentinel 2 not loading but Landsat 7 does load.
Perhaps I have been blacklisted for twice failing to log off.
What might be causing this problem?

Hi Chris,

this was a problem on our side, which was now resolved
What has happened is that EO Browser’s access to Sentinel Hub OGC services was locked due to heavy use. EO Browser is using the services in exactly the same way as our users’ application are, so it faces similar rules. And sometimes these are broken due to heavy use of a number of users.

Anyway, it should be solved now.
Thanks for notifying us.