Imagery visible in Playground but not in EO Browser

I am currently looking for imagery from Antarctica, and noticed that for certain areas there is imagery visible in Playground and not in EO browser. More specifically I am interested in Byrd Glacier as can be seen in the images below. Its an image from 18-2-2019. When I search for this specific date and location there are no results found. Any idea how I can get those images in EO Browser? Thanks!

bottom right area

Byrd glacier

Are you sure that images in Playground are from this date? You can go to Effects and turn “Show acqusition dates”.
Playground is trying to be simple for beginners and is creating a mosaic of all images up to specified date. Therefore you might be getting an older image. EO Browser is specific in this respect…

Another option might be that you are looking at Sentinel-2 L1C in Playground and Sentinel-2 L2A in EO Browser and that some L2A products are missing.

Thanks for your quick reply. My appologies, I have found the imagery. I was looking at the wrong place due to some funny behaviour of openstreetmap. When zoomed out, there seems to be a lot of sea, but after zooming in a bit further suddenly all has became land (or sea ice??).

zoomed out

one zoomlevel further

Ah yes, I noticed this myself. I guess they have a problem with projection close to poles…