Increased time taken to start downloading images

You can see from the code that I’m attempting to download Sentinel-2 data (images) for a specific region of interest covering less than 100 acres. However, I’ve noticed that the download initiation process has become slower recently, and this issue has persisted for the past week. Before this period, the download process was notably quicker.

Please assist me with this problem, and if possible please provide me a solution to this or details for the download rate for WCS Request.

Comparing the response time of our service to requests by your account we see that majority take less than one second, and vast majority less than two seconds. Furthermore, comparing this for a 24 hours period on November 1st (top) and last 24 hours (bottom), we don’t see any significant difference.
Might it be that the issue is on your side, i.e. download or something similar?

yes I agree to that but we have been working on different sentinelhub library settings, the one you are seeing is from the sentinelhub 3.4.4 which is working fine and the new that is 3.9.2 is taking more time than the previous one, but the problem is the 3.4.4 version is inconsistent in present so want to shift completely over to the current version of sentinelhub dependency for python, please suggest what can work?

We are not aware of any specific performance impact of sentinelhub-py library. We will need more technical information to replicate your issue.
Ideally you can prepare a Jupyter notebook, one with 3.4.4. version and one with 3.9.2. version, for a specific example, showing the difference in performance.