Ingestion status for BYOC tiles

Hi there,

I am trying to ingest my own (COG) tiles into a BYOC collection (through CODE-DE) following the Sentinel hub BYOC userguide.

However, the ingestion status never changes to ‘ingested’ or ‘failed’. Is there a way to find out why the ingestion status remains at ‘waiting’?

thanks and best wishes,


Hi Patric,
perhaps you just neeed to refresh the page ? for the current status to be displayed.
let me know if it stays the same even after refresh

Hi Dorothy,

thanks for your reply.

I refreshed it many times :slight_smile: it is still at waiting…

Could it be that my s3 bucket policy is still not working properly? I’ve set it up in the beginning. Not sure how to find out if policy was setup correctly.

Hi Patric,

the issue here is that the bucket was set incorrectly. On code-de BYOC service the default buckets available via BYOC service are those that reside on storage endpoint

If you wish to use your private buckets in BYOC, you need to properly set the bucket name which is a combination of your code-de project id and a bucket name: projectId:bucketName.

Dear Rok,

thanks a lot! The second advice really did the trick.

best wishes,