Insufficient quota for planetscope subscription

Hello! We have been facing the following problem when trying to create a subscription through request builder (Sentinel Hub),
We created a new collection and a subscription for this collection, with an area of 0.26km, and when clicking on “start” it shows error information, but without the reason, and when inspecting the browser, the error message is “Insufficient Quota”. We have a total of 6km², with 4.46km² of confirmed area.
Could you help us resolve it?

Dear Rodrigo,
your PlanetScope subscription expired in August. In order to create new subscription you should renew it. You can do this here:

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This is not the issue. I’ve subscribed in July 7th for 100 hectares and used only 30 hectares, so im missing 70 hectares. Also, i’ve just bought more 500 hectares today and it is not being updated in the system. Please check your support email that i’ve sent with more details.

Please note that the PlanetScope AUM subscription is co-termed with the first subscription cycle, which in your case was in August, see:

The new subscription has been applied an hour ago.

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