Invalid request when using OGC/WCS api

Hi all.

I’m using WCS api to grab some images from sentinel hub. For the request presented below, I’m getting the ‘invalid request’ error message.

Our request:{our_identifier}?service=WCS&version=1.1.2&request=GetCoverage&resX=20m&resY=20m&crs=CRS%3A84&maxcc=100&bbox=-52.53083833%2C-11.860425139758%2C-51.9418712619422%2C-11.5621764149744&time=2022-01-18&coverage=TRUE-COLOR

The error message:

<ServiceExceptionReport xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" version="1.2.0" xsi:schemaLocation="">
<![CDATA[ Invalid request ]]>

I don’t know if it helps, but when I ask for WFS, this request

returns two scenes covering the desired area.

If need more information, please ask me.



Hi @emarcari ,

The output width of your request is approx. 3200, which exceeds the upper limit of the service. The output height and width must be less than or equal to 2500.

You can either decrease the resolution or request for a smaller area.

Try this:{our_identifier}?service=WCS&version=1.1.2&request=GetCoverage&resX=30m&resY=30m&crs=CRS%3A84&maxcc=100&bbox=-52.53083833%2C-11.860425139758%2C-51.9418712619422%2C-11.5621764149744&time=2022-01-18&coverage=TRUE-COLOR