Is downloading raw Sentinel2-L2A data free with SentinelHub?


I’m interested in downloading raw Sentinel2-L2A data (.jp2) from S3 using SentinelHub. Do I need to set up a SentinelHub account or purchase any license if I’m only using AwsTileRequest method in Python?

request = AwsTileRequest(tile=tile_name, time=time, aws_index=aws_index,bands=bands, metafiles=metafiles, data_folder=data_folder, data_source=DataSource.SENTINEL2_L2A)

I’m aware that the Sentinel S3 is requester-pays bucket but will be there other charges applied (apart from the AWS ones) by the SentinelHub if I only want to download the raw data?

If you wan tto download jp2, you do not need Sentinel Hub account. You will need AWS account due to requester pays policy.

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Some more info can be found in sentinelhub-py documentation.

TL;DR In this case only AWS will charge you for data transfer.

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