Is it possible to download clipped Sentinel-1 GRD product using an AOI or bounding box? Using any Sentinel hub API on python

I have to download S1 GRD using python on Jupyter notebook, is it possible to download S1 clipped data using AOI or bounding box? I have downloaded S2 L2 data using Process API on python but not sure about S1.

Hi @SBteam ,

You can perform the same task with all data collections supported by Sentinel Hub using Processing API.

I found this github page - GitHub - sentinel-hub/sentinelhub-py: Download and process satellite imagery in Python using Sentinel Hub services. where there are python codes containing API and download S2 using bounding box and AOI.
To download S1 are there any other codes available? for python

You could copy Sentinel-1 example requests and paste it to the Request Preview window of Requests Builder.

After parsing it you could select sh-py from the drop down list on the top left corner and you will see the example requests in python code using Sentinel Hub python package


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