Is support email still monitored?

My requests have started failing due to quota, meaning my app is no longer functioning. When I log in to the Web site, I get the warning:

Warning: your account has been temporary throttled due to usage exceeding configured volume of processing units. In case of monthly quotas the account will be re-activated at the beginning of the next month. Upgrade your account or contact if you feel something is wrong with the settings. More information in Billing section.

I recently renewed my yearly (not monthly) subscription so there’s no way I’m over my yearly quota. Perhaps my subscription somehow reset to monthly. As directed by the warning message, I have contacted twice over the past two weeks about this issue and gotten no response. Is that email address still monitored, or is there a new one to use?


Hi Andrew,
please note that for Exploratory and Basic users support is provided via this forum (see packages). That said, we have seen your message sent to support and we have responded to it ten minutes later with the message provided below.
Might it be that the e-mail was stuck in the spam folder?

your subscription is running OK. You are, however, consuming more resources than allocated, see:

he Basic subscription has a limit of 70.000 processing units.
Perhaps it might make sense to upgrade to a higher tier, or purchase some top-up processing units?

Alternatively you can wait until July 1st and the counter will reset.

Your reply didn’t arrive in my email, not even in the spam folder. Maybe there’s a problem on the sending end?

My users’ load is highly seasonal, with much higher load in May and June, and much lower load in the winter. Thus, I had my account quota converted to yearly last year to avoid just this problem. I did not see an option for yearly when renewing (also, renewal by U.S. credit card still fails, same as last year), so perhaps my account was converted back to monthly? Can you please reset it to yearly and make this a permanent change so I don’t have the same problem next year?


We do unfortunately not have yearly quotas among generic plans. Last year we have probably make an exception in your case, but this is not possible at the moment.
We would kindly recommend to purchase some top-up quota, which is consumed when the basic monthly quota is exhausted, and rolls over for 12 months.


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