Is there a parameter for generating areas of interest as polygons (wkt) for javascript?


I found a parameter about python api, like shown in the below:

wms_request = WmsRequest( … ,
CustomUrlParam.GEOMETRY: “POLYGON((1292344.0 5205055.5, 1301479.5 5195920.0, 1310615.0 5205055.5, 1301479.5 5214191.0, 1292344.0 5205055.5))”

But I can not apply this script for javascript. I want to create a sentinel collection with using postman. Is there any parameter like CustomUrlParam.GEOMETRY for this?

Thank you for your interest,

Yes you can - see the GEOMETRY parameter description here:

Just use the parameter as GEOMETRY and not CustomUrlParam.


Thank you for your support, I will try it.