Issue Retrieving Sentinel-2A Data for Year 2018

I have been utilizing your service to download Sentinel-2A images for remote sensing analysis. However, I recently encountered an issue when attempting to retrieve data for the year 2018. Specifically, the images I receive are entirely black, even though the same request for the year 2022 returns appropriate, usable data.

Notably, this is a new issue. About six months ago, I used the same script for downloading data for 2018 and it worked perfectly, returning the expected images.

Here are the specifics of my request:

-I am utilizing the Sentinel Hub Python package to access and download the data.
-The geographic region of interest is specified in a KML file, which I use to create the geometry for the request.
-I am using an evalscript that requests all bands from the Sentinel-2A data.
-The time interval I am requesting is from April 15th to October 1st, 2018.
-The exact same request, but for the year 2022, returns expected, non-black images.
Given these details, I am puzzled as to why the data for 2018 appears to be unavailable or incorrect. I would greatly appreciate your guidance and assistance in resolving this issue. Do let me know if there are any further details I can provide, or if there are any specific actions I should take to rectify this.


Thanks for the question. Please can you provide the area of interest that you are using so that I can replicate your issue please? Even better, if you’re able to, the full code block you are using would be great!

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