Issue with Sentinel 2 L2A Query

I’m looking to download L2A data for British Columbia, but when querying I’m getting L1C data instead.
The code below

from sentinelhub import BBox, DataCollection, SHConfig, WebFeatureService
from import AwsTile

search_bbox = BBox(bbox=[-123.97551142015125, 50.49926258456396, -119.45817558357187, 53.0131029738141], crs='4326')
time_interval = ("2021-07-01T00:00:00", "2021-07-05T23:59:59")

wfs_iterator = WebFeatureService(search_bbox, time_interval, data_collection=DataCollection.SENTINEL2_L2A, maxcc=0.8, config=config)
prodId_iterator = wfs_iterator.get_tiles()

for tile_info, prodId in zip(wfs_iterator, prodId_iterator):
    esa_id = AwsTile(prodId[0], prodId[1], prodId[2]).get_product_id()
    aws_id = tile_info['properties']['id']
    url = AwsTile(prodId[0], prodId[1], prodId[2]).get_tile_url()


esa_id: S2B_MSIL1C_20210705T192909_N0301_R142_T10UDD_20210705T225408
aws_id: S2B_OPER_MSI_L2A_TL_VGS4_20210705T233333_A022619_T10UDD_N03.01
url: s3://sentinel-s2-l1c/tiles/10/U/DD/2021/7/5/0

Note that the ESA id says L1C and also the s3 URL, is this an error? thanks

Yeah, it is probably a bug in the sh-py code.
We do not work often with this part of the package, as we work with SH services instead. Therefore we cannot commit to a specific resolution ETA.
In case you are able to find and fix the code, merge request will be more than appreciated.

Understood. Thank you for the quick reply!

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