Issue with visualisation images in EO Browser


I’ve been facing the issue of loading images of all providers (Sentinel, Landsat) in EO Browser for at least several days. After ticking the product, selection a date and selecting the index or band combination, it turns the infinite loading and after that just gear rotating without showing the interface and the image.

It happens at the desktop version and in all browsers, under your account and when non-logging in.
Does anybody have same problem at the moment?
Thank you.

Dear @james,

I am having problems replicating your problem.

Could you please let us know which version of EO Browser you are using (you can find the version number in the bottom of the sidebar and it should say v3.46.1).

Can you please also share the URL with us that causes the problem? It would also help us to get a more detailed step by step instruction of where you are experiencing the problem. If I understand you correctly you are still getting to the search results and you can visualize them but once you want to switch to index the app gets stuck in this infinite load?

Kind regards,


I got the same issue. I tried multiple times to search for images and all I have is a blank navigator page lasting forever. OH WAIT, I was writing this message and then it works. Still a problem that it took two days and like 10 tries to get a result.

I guess it would be good to mention it here anyway.

Have a great view,

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