Issues with SentinelAPI and CustomOAuth2Error after changing base website

Hello Sentinel Hub community,

I’ve been using the SentinelAPI function from the sentinelsat package to download Sentinel images, and recently, I encountered an issue after the base website changed from “The Sentinels Scientific Data Hub” to “”.

I am consistently getting the following error:

CustomOAuth2Error: ({'status': 400, 'reason': 'Bad Request', 'message': 'Illegal client_id', 'code': 'OAUTH_ERROR'})

I have updated the base URL in my code, but it seems like there might be an issue with the OAuth2 authentication. I’m using the correct credentials, and I have also verified that the client_id is correctly set.

Hi @mirjan.sha ,

This is the forum for sentinelhub. I would recommend reporting the issue to sentinelsat issue board.

As a side note, the maintainers of sentinelsat are already aware of the need to add Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem support to the package. Please see the post for more details.