July 28th Sentinel-2 Data

Missing July 28th S2 tiles on AWS. A search for S2 imagery on July 28th on the EO Browser shows missing data in Western US/Canada, but a query for the 28th on ESA indicates the data is availalble. Could you check on this. Also the EO Browser indicates several missing tiles on the East Coast swatch from the 28th also.


There are some interruptions in OpenHub lately, which prevent us to ingest all the data. We are doing everything we can, but are limited with it.
See similar thread here.

Generally if you provide us ESA product ID, we can check some more details.
That being said, if everything is OK with these scenes, I expect them to be available in a couple of days. We have managed to recover the missing tiles until 31st of July, going backwards.

Thanks, for the response. Kind of what I figured. It’s getting better overall at ESA, but they
sure have lots of anomalies.