KML/KMZ files with sentinel-hub

In the EO-Browser it’s pretty easy to apply kmz/kml files for satellite imagery.
But it’s not obvious how to do it for sentinelhub-py.
Could you please answer is there any way to apply kmz polygons to layer for Sentinel-2 ?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Dzau

At the moment sentinelhub-py does not have support for reading KMZ/KML files. But it is a good idea and we will consider adding it in the future.

However if you read your files with some other package available out there and parse geometries into WKT strings you can pass them to WmsRequest or WcsRequest as a value of CustomUrlParam.GEOMETRY. At the moment this option is documented only at the service documentation but it also works through Python package.

Currently we are actually preparing a new sentinelhub-py version which will have much better support for geometry objects (and better documented). It will be released some time in next few weeks.

Note: In the current version I believe that in WGS84 you have to pass geometry strings with coordinate order lat-lon because the string is passed directly to the service. That is quite confusing as the sentinelhub.BBox object requires coordinate order lon-lat. In version 2.5.0 we will make a change and geometry will also have to be passed with coordinate order lon-lat.