Land Use Land Cover

I cloned this repo from GitHub and I am trying to understand the workflow. Once I reached the following bloc of code:

Draw the RGB image

path_out = ‘./eopatches_small/’ if use_smaller_patches else ‘./eopatches_large/’
fig = plt.figure(figsize=(20, 20 * aspect_ratio))

pbar = tqdm(total=9)
for i in range(9):
eopatch = EOPatch.load(’{}/eopatch_{}’.format(path_out, i), lazy_loading=True)
ax = plt.subplot(3, 3, i + 1)
plt.imshow(np.clip([‘BANDS’][0][…, [2, 1, 0]] * 3.5, 0, 1))
del eopatch

fig.subplots_adjust(wspace=0, hspace=0)

which resulted in the following error:
CreateFailed: root path ‘C:\Users\ASUS\Desktop\Git_Repositories\eo-learn\examples\land-cover-map\eopatches_small\eopatch_0’ does not exist

Any idea how to fix this?

Hi @rim.sleimi!

Thanks for reaching out. It seems that your eopatches weren’t created when you executed the workflow, you would need to show the logs. They should be created in the example folder, just open the html page and see if there were any failed executions.

The code for this is also a bit outdated. Could you check out the develop version and try the example from there? Here is the link:

Instead of using the cloned repo I just used the binder directly on GitHub.
Thanks for the help? I will definetly check out the link.