Landsat 5 and & 7 (ESA Archive)

Landsat 5 and & 7 do not load at all. I get a “no results found” warning. Only the Landsat 8 data (USGS archive) from Landsat work. Is all ESA archive data not working? This has been an issue for several weeks.
Without these products, I can’t view any hi-res imagery prior to 2013.

Brendan Moran

If you check a note about these collections, you will find:

Data availability: Europe and North Africa from 1984 - 2011 (Landsat 5), 1999 - 2003 (Landsat 7), 2013 until present (Landsat 8) from the ESA archive. The global U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) archive since April 2013 until today (Landsat 8 only) .

I checked now a random location in Europe and can find Landsat-5, e.g. here.

That said, we are working, at this moment, to add support for global archive of Landsat-5. Hopefully in a few weeks.

Yes, okay I see. I’ve been looking at data for the Altiplano region of South America. Looks like I will have to wait for the global update. Will this include Landsat 7 as well?

Not in parallel, but we will start with that immediately after as well.

I have a related issue in the EO browser. I’m trying to use Landsat 5 and 8 images in the middle of Europe for a live-demonstration of glaciers in Europe, namely of Aletsch between 1989 and 2020, but only the Landsat 8 (USGS Archive) works in the Compare function. The scenes from L5 and 8 (ESA Archive) are all available, I can see them individually and use composition options and stuff, and when I add them to compare, they’re displayed in the side bar, but not on the map.

Is this included in the current work on the archives?

Landsat 5/7 (ESA Archive) is powered by a deprecated version of Sentinel Hub, which lacks some features needed within the EO Browser.
Once we implement support for Landsat Collection 2 for these two missions as well, it will all work better. Soon.