Landsat 8 image

Hello. I’m having problem in charging image from Landsat 8 USGS. I made request for 2014 image but they do not charge. SOmeone can hel pme?

Can you be more specific on what you are trying to do? E.g. listing steps that you do and results that you get?

DATA SOURCE: Landsat 8 (USGS archive)
TIME RANGE: 2015-08-1 2015-08-30
Than I get the results on the place (in this case Spoltore, Pe, Italy) I looked for. When the map is charging I do not get a clear image but it is blurry.

This is what I get

Well, what you see is Landsat-8 30 meter resolution. One pixel being 30x30 meters.
If you click “True color - pansharpened” resolution will improve a bit, to 15x15 meters.
It does not go better than this…

OK. Thank you very much. Which one is the best to get clear image of 2015 or 2014?

For that period of time Landsat is probably the best that is available for free. You can always buy commercial imagery.

You are very kind to help me. Can you gently advice me where I can buy the images for that period?
Thank you


Thank you very much.