Landsat 8 imagery

I have been trying to download Landsat 8 images from USGS archive. When I search the thumb nails are displayed in the search results. When I select and try to visualize the image I am interested in the loading bar at the top of the screen begins as normal and speeds up to cross the rest of the display screen. (normally a sign that a script has failed.) No image is displayed.

Can anyone advise why this is happening or am I doing something wrong when I try to display the image?

Thanks, Andrew

Hm, tried right now and seems to work normally. Can you try in some other browser, at some other location/date?

I have tried accessing the Browser from different devices - desktop, laptop, Chromebook, mobile phone all with the same result. This has largely been in Chrome. I have just tried MS Edge but the app wouldn’t load.

I tried again but this time using the default location of Rome. Hey presto it worked.
Going back to my desired location of Halley Research Station, Antarctica the images still do not load despite the thumb nails being displayed.

Bit confused about what is happening.

Also, I was asked to upgrade my profile when I tried to log in and was asked to select a price band. I have always used the EO browser for free and educational purposes being a high school teacher.


I believe there is an issue with the mercator projection at these latitudes, resulting in the issue you are describing. Sentinel-2 data load though. We will check if there is some easy fix.

For upgrading - not sure, which login you are referring to. You can upgrade your Sentinel Hub profile if you want to use Sentinel Hub services directly, e.g. in your GIS environment. As long as you are only using EO Browser, there is no need for the upgrade, the free profile will do everything you nees.