LANDSAT 8 processing information


I am looking for a specific data processing information regarding LANDSAT 8 EO product.
Is the dataset you are providing Collection Level 1? It is hard to identify the dataset because link refferencing USGS under provided documentation site ( ) has expired:

I have found some inforamtion on the USGS webpage and I would appreciate any confirmation:

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Correct, this is Collection 1.
USGS is working to make Collection 2 available on the cloud and as soon as that happens, we will integrate it.

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I still need to know what level of pre-processing was applied to this dataset.

In the link below there is information about 3 levels of the same dataset.

Is the dataset level 1, 2 or 3?

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Does an example of a source file helps?
So Collection 1, Tier 1.

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