LANDSAT 8 processing information


I am looking for a specific data processing information regarding LANDSAT 8 EO product.
Is the dataset you are providing Collection Level 1? It is hard to identify the dataset because link refferencing USGS under provided documentation site ( ) has expired:

I have found some inforamtion on the USGS webpage and I would appreciate any confirmation:

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Correct, this is Collection 1.
USGS is working to make Collection 2 available on the cloud and as soon as that happens, we will integrate it.

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I still need to know what level of pre-processing was applied to this dataset.

In the link below there is information about 3 levels of the same dataset.

Is the dataset level 1, 2 or 3?

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Does an example of a source file helps?
So Collection 1, Tier 1.

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Hi! I was searching for information regarding what Level of data is provided for Landsat products and stumbled with this thread.
It seems that the USGS has already made available Collection 2 Level 2 data in AWS. Will this data be available any time soon?
The documentation regarding this states that only L8L1C data is available.
And the Catalog request also yields the same results

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At the moment we only support L8 L1C indeed.
That being said, we are working on integration of Landsat Collection 2 and we expect to have it available in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned.


Looks like gmilcinski is right…

Hi! Is there an estimated timeframe to provide L8C2?

As usual, there are a lot of struggles, when integrating new dataset, but it is coming soon. We hope to have Level 1 of the L8C2 running in a week or two, Level 2 following very soon afterwards.

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Note that Landsat Collection 2 (Level 1 and Level 2) is now available via process API. OGC service support coming shortly.

This is fresh, so there might still be some glitches, but for those interested.