Landsat Image Distortion


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Is there any way to request the system to download raw 15x15m res. Band08 Landsat image?

The code automatically returns 10x10m resolution (not native to the band) instead of 15x15. I have changed my x and y parameters in my WCS request to 10 by 10m but this only returns a distorted image (more distortion than in my original post) due to what I assume are 1 downsampling and 1 upsamling by the system.

As the original resolution of the Band8 Landsat is 15 by 15m, is there any way to download it as such, without any need for up/downsampling?

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By setting RESX=15m&RESY=15m in WCS you should get 15m resolution. Then if you want to get the the result without interpolation, you also need to use the same coordinate system (I think Landsat is in UTM as well) and you also need to align the BBOX of your request exactly as it is in the original image (e.g. if your top left corner is half a pixel off, all other pixels will be half a pixel off and service will have to interpolate).


Hi Grega,

Is there a way to download only Landsat images from a particular path and row?



For this you can go directly to AWS Landsat Public Dataset


Hi Grega,

I am familiar with AWS direct download but was hoping that this was implemented in WCSrequest in the python code. I could not find it in individual codes so I assume this has not been implemented into the wcs/wms automatic request?



Path and row are somehow artificial parameters, which is why they are not supported. However, you should easily find WGS/UTM BBOX-es for each of the paths/rows and use these information in WCS requests.
One example is here: