Landsat Thermal


what kind of data is Landsat8 Thermal dataset in Sentinel-hub? I find that it might by B10 in configutration utility script. Is it correct? This means that values are DN that can be transformed to temperature (e.g. described here: )

Or is this Level 2 Science product (

Any idea?


Hello Roman,
Landsat 8 Thermal is indeed based on B10 band. It’s not DN, but it’s already transformed to temperature in Kelvins based on the formula you provided on your link. If you use product THERMAL.INDEX you can get temperature directly into TIF file.


Great to know, thanks for answer!
However, I strugle to download Index values. I use configurator and when I use “INDEX” script, it is empty. Grayscale visualisation works normally. Do you have idea where the problem is?