Landsat8 WFS request problem


I’m trying to get image history from WFS service. It works fine for Sentinel 2 with TYPENAMES=S2.TILE (,39.0887805772598,51.9004602040773,39.1014729230514).

But when I’m trying to get same data for Landsat8 with TYPENAMES=L8.TILE or DSS6 service responses “TYPENAME=L8.TILE not found!”.

What am I missing for Landsat 8?


Landsat is located on another deployment so you need to change the end-point.
Instead of you have to use the us-west one:


response is still the same - TYPENAME=L8.TILE not found!

WFS service documentation doesn’t mention any special enpoint for Landsat -

Are you sure that you have at least one Landsat layer in the configuration (instance ID) that you are using?
WFS works under layers in the configuration.
If it is a bit confusing, sorry about that… specifics of OGC…
We will soon publish a catalogue API, which will hopefully address all these issues. (WFS will still work)

Yes, you are right, was missing Landsat layer in configuration. Thanks for pointing that out!

The Catalogue API I was mentioning: