Latency from AWS to EO Browser

My apologies if this has been asked before, but as I am aware that this feature is improving, I am asking it again.

What would be the delay between having the satellite image in the ESA Hub and having it in EO Browser?
We are calculating the reactivity for our whole supply chain, and we are aware of mean latencies for ESA Hub (from sensing to image availability) for certain AOIs. It would be great to have such an estimation for this step as well.

Moreover, is it possible to query EO Browser when a certain tile is available, so we can start working with it right away?


The delay depends significantly on the IT issues of the Copernicus Hub (ESA Hub as you call it).
That being said, find below the statistics on how long it usually takes between satellite acquisition and the data becoming available on the Copernicus Hub (in hours) and how long it takes (in minutes) after that to become available on Sentinel Hub (and therefore in EO Browser as well).

Currently EO Browser does not support notifications.
You should write a simple script running on your server querying Sentinel Hub for a specific location and then send an e-mail. See this link for info.