Lifetime of a token

In the code below, what is the lifetime of the generated token (keycloak_token) or what is the maximum permitted number of requests by keycloak_token?

import requests

def get_keycloak(username: str, password: str) -> str:
    data = {
        "client_id": "cdse-public",
        "username": "---",
        "password": "---",
        "grant_type": "password",
        r ="",
    except Exception as e:
        raise Exception(
            f"Keycloak token creation failed. Reponse from the server was: {r.json()}"
    return r.json()["access_token"]

keycloak_token = get_keycloak("username", "password")

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Okay sorry. These two different services can be sometimes confusing for me.