Link for getting map from bounding area no longer returning correct results

Hello, we recently started having issues with this link format and tried to find some information as to why it may not be working suddenly but so far have not been able to find anything that would suggest the sudden break.;depth=16&version=1.1.1&name=Sentinel-2%20L1C&=&maxcc=100&time=2020-10-11/2020-10-11/2020-10-11/2020-10-11&bbox=2139372.6966030006,5246857.000129344,2085620.3611318585,5199318.374747482&crs=EPSG:3857&resX=10m&resy=10m

I think the biggest issue is the error response is just a flat

Invalid request * edited as would not allow response formatting to show in post

Any help would be appreciated.

I have changed the resX and Y to values of 20 and it worked so unsure why suddenly the 10 is no longer working.

Appreciate any assistance or suggestions you can offer.

Hi @David,

the problem is that the requested image is too big. If I try the same request with a smaller bbox (or with coarser resolution as you did it), it works, e.g.:,5246857,2149372,5256857&crs=EPSG:3857&resX=10m&resy=10m

(I also removed repeated dates.)

The error message you are getting is not helpful at all. We do have validations for requesting too big image size and would usually return a nice error message for such examples. We will check why/how your request manages to get around these validations. Thank you for reporting.

@avrecko - Thankyou for the quick reply and the tidy up of the request.

I could not find anything regarding size vs res in the docs? I am new to satellite imagery so still feeling my way around how it works.

I did some testing with various sizes and res and was able to get an error message at time but wondering if their is some best practise or size limit cut off for each res?

Appreciate the help and have a great day.

Hi @David,

in Sentinel Hub you can request images up to 2500 x 2500 pixels (the limitation applies to each dimension separately).

You can control the size of the image you are requesting by specifying:

  1. WIDTH and HEIGHT parameters in your request. Until you keep both values under or equal to 2500 the request should work. Using this option, you do not have control over the requested spatial resolution.

  2. RESX and RESY parameters in your request. Using this option you directly control the spatial resolution of the image but the image size is calculated automatically by dividing the requested bbox with RESX and RESY (each bbox’s dimension respectivly). It is sometimes not straight forward to “see” what the requested image size would be looking only at BBOX and RESX/Y. One approach for such cases is to try to request coarser spatial resolution (if your application/usage of the satellite data alows this) or a smaller bbox.

Hth, Anja

Hi @avrecko,

Really appreciate the assistance, one last question is one just to clarify if an area is 5000 x 5000 and at a coarser res it should work (ie 20m).