List all dates for a specified tile?

Is there an existing function for listing all dates/scenes for a specified Sentinel-2 tile?
I found some examples of searching on this page: , but no examples for that specific use case.
I know that I could use the WFS API to list the scenes for a specified bounding box and then filter out any scenes that aren’t from the tile of interest, or I could go through each year/month/day in the S3 bucket listing (e.g., but I was just wondering if there is already a function to list all-and-only the ones for a specified tile.

Hi @akenney,

There are several possible “solutions” for your case.

As you have mentioned yourself, WFS API is one of them, and perhaps that would turn out to be the simplest, although with some work from your side. If you want to go down that path, have a look at this example.

Another possibility might be the STAC catalog, processed by DevelopmentSeed:
Unfortunately it seems outdated, but feel free to ping them on github.


Okay, thank you! I think I’ll go with WFS then, because I’m going to want the most up-to-date listings.
The TileSplitter thing is neat, I hadn’t seen that before.

Check also our Catalogue API - it offers same features as WFS and much more. Plus, it is STAC compliant

E.g. if you want just dates: