List of available dates according to the satellite with wich the layer is built in

Hi! How do I get a list of available dates of imagery to show in the calendar of the Playground, according to the satellite with wich the layer is built in. For example, when I click at the NDVI layer (built with Sentinel-2 images), the calendar must show the list of available dates for that satellite, and that list of dates is different if I click at another layer built with, for example, Sentinel-S1 GRD images.
I saw this FAQ, the TYPENAMES parameter (The name of the data to be returned. Valid value: “S2.TILE” (or appropriate data source for Landsat, Sentinel-1, etc.) as only the tile’s metadata is returned) is what I need to specify; S2.TILE is for Sentinel-2, what’s that parameter for Sentinel-S1 GRD or Landsat 8, I couldn’t find that parameter for the others satellites.


A call to the service’s capabilities will list all feature type names for that service, e.g. wfs?service=WFS&request=GetCapabilities.

Note that service endpoint URLs will need to be different for Landsat (aws US) Sentinel-2 (aws EU) and Sentinel-1 (eocloud). Consult the configurator application to figure out which URL to use for each.

Thanks Miha!
For Sentinel-1 GRD the parameter typenames must be “TYPENAMES=DSS3”, but I got an empty response (I deleted the https from the beginning of the URLs because I could have 2 links in the reply):
When I go to :// there I’ve got some Layers with the source Sentinel S2, and some with Sentinel S1 GRD, and the WFS service endpoint is ://<INSTANCE_ID>, why can’t I get the available dates for Sentinel S1 GRD with that service endpoint?

I saw here :// that there are others Configurators for Sentinel S1 GRD and Landsat, but I can’t access them, it seems that they are not working. On the other hand, if I access to the Sentinel 2 Configurator and I have the option to choose Sentinel S1 GRD as a source I think this service endpoint should work with TYPENAMES=DSS3. Could you give me the services endopionts I need to use fo Sentinel 1 GRD and for Landsat 8 so I can get the the list of available dates?

For all the data on AWS, you use the same configurator
(data is S-2 L1C, S-2 L2A, S-1 GRD, Landsat 8, DEM)

For data that is hosted on eocloud (S-1, S-3 etc.), the configurator is and the service URLs are: (capabilities document says that S1 on eocloud is named “S1.TILE”)

Thanks Miha!
So for the data on AWS, the URL for S-1 (TYPENAMES=DSS3) seems to be right (always replacing with mi Instance Id):<INSTANCE_ID>?REQUEST=GetFeature&TYPENAMES=DSS3&OUTPUTFORMAT=application/json&BBOX=1600965,5819367,1610917,5826373&TIME=2016-05-01/2017-01-25
But I get this response:
“type”: “FeatureCollection”,
“features”: [

And for L2A (TYPENAMES=DSS2) the response is:

The only response I get correctly is for L1C (TYPENAMES=TS2.TILE) .

For data hosted on EOCloud it works fine for S1, S2 and Landsat. Is the data in AWS the same that it is in EOCloud? Because all the WMS services i’m using is from AWS, and if I get the dates from the EOcloud services may be it’s not correct, Im mean, using the WFS services from EOcloud and the WMS services from AWS.

The AWS Sentinel-1 archive only contains data from May 2017 onward (check for details).
If you change the date in your query, you will get results.<INSTANCE_ID>?REQUEST=GetFeature&TYPENAMES=DSS3&OUTPUTFORMAT=application/json&BBOX=1600965,5819367,1610917,5826373&TIME=2016-05-01/2018-01-25

To be able to use some instance for querying available dates for specific datasource, you need to have at least on layer for that datasource configured.
I have created on your account a new instance to give example of queries:

General capability:
Sentinel-1 GRD,5819367,1610917,5826373&TIME=2016-05-01/2018-01-25

Sentinel-2 L1C,5819367,1610917,5826373&TIME=2016-05-01/2018-01-25

Sentinel-2 L2A,5819367,1610917,5826373&TIME=2016-05-01/2018-01-25



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Thanks gmilcinski!! It works great!!


I have some problems with getting availability data within one geometry.,39.85572865909662,-3.8915634155273433,39.92895792815383&GEOMETRY=POLYGON((-3.9956526684482014%2039.90116090144824,-3.90055226561617%2039.90116090144824,-3.90055226561617%2039.857952838757775,-3.9956526684482014%2039.857952838757775,-3.9956526684482014%2039.90116090144824))&TIME=2016-05-01/2018-01-25/P1D&OUTPUTFORMAT=json

And response is:

<![CDATA[ ]]>

What’s wrong?


I am guessing that SRSNAME parameter is missing (SRSNAME=ESPG:4326 probably). If you do not specify it, EPSG:3857 is used by default and your coordinates seems not to fit there. (I hope this will fix your problem)

First…thanks for reply!

I put this but nothing happend. I checked that geometry and bbox are intersecting… but I don’t know what is happening.


You bumped into the inconsistency of the OGC standards when it comes to WGS84 and order of lat/lon. See the post here:

In your case you need to use version 1.0.0, e.g.:,39.85572865909662,-3.8915634155273433,39.92895792815383&SRSNAME=EPSG:4326&TIME=2016-05-01/2018-01-25&VERSION=1.0.0

Thanks so much !

Now it’s working. I’m sorry for this common GIS error!