Locating a metal object under the surface of the ground

A metal object buried at around 7 meters under the surface of the ground. Can Sentinel missions or any other satellite technology determine the exact location or coordinates of a buried object? Any helpful information?

Hi @566.adam.d ,

Unfortunately, satellites are not usually used for detecting objects underground.

There are satellites which map gravity, e.g., ESA GOCE, but it’s aiming on improving our understanding of Earth’s interior, such as the physics and dynamics associated with volcanism and earthquakes. It may not fit to your needs.

Dear chung.horng,
Thanks for your reply. As far as I know, satellites are used to map underground water and to determine the exact depth of it; this data is used to dig wells which are around 170 meters deep or more. Why can’t this technology be used to determine the exact location of buried metal objects which are just few meters below the surface of the ground?

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