Looking for latest Sentinel-2 10m resolution image

I am new here. Please let me know how to download true-colour image from Sentinel-2 (10-m resolution) for Howrah, West Bengal, India. Thanks in advance.


Hi Sarit, welcome!

To explore the data you can use EO Browser:

You can search for location of your choice, search for the satellite imagery on different dates and download it.

If you prefer to work with the requests directly, you can use the tool for constructing them:

Both approaches should lead to the same result, but the Requests Builder will give you more control over what is being downloaded so you might want to prefer that.

Good luck & let us know if you need further help!

Hell Dear Anzes,
Thanks for your prompt reply. I have explored the EO Browser, could find and download truecolour images of my target area in India. This is for an academic project. However, I could only find the finest resolution as 50 m that too pixels started getting hazy. How to find the image of 10 m resolution, is it under subscription? Please let me know.

Not sure, what you mean with “50m resolution”. If it is a graphical scale in the bottom right part of the EO Browser, I suggest you check the description of graphical scale. This is not resolution…

With EO Browser you can zoom in to 10 meter resolution without an account. Once you start seeing pixels, this is 10 meter…

If you are signed-in (even without a payable Sentinel Hub account), you can perform an export of the data, choose analytic, and there you will be able to select the resolution (high/med/low), and be told what resolution you will export the data in.

Hello, I have a similar problem. In the API request (in Python), change the resolution to 10 meters, but the error is “The height of the request image. Must be an integer between 1 and 2500”. how is possible get with API at 10 meter resolution in image ?

By specifying bbox and resolution appropriately (in appropriate CRS).

E.g.: if you request bbox in WGS84, then resolution parameter should be in the same units (in that case degrees). If your request is in one of the UTM zones, then the resolution parameter is in metres.

The ProcessAPI example in sh-py is requesting the bbox for Betsiboka Estuary in WGS, but uses a helper method bbox_to_dimensions(bbox, resolution) to calculate appropriate size, given your bbox and resolution. NB, the function bbox_to_dimensions always takes resolution in metres.